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SMS Marketing

Digitalzee Technologies offers dedicated SMS marketing services to business clients that seek to gain momentum in their branding and sales in a cost effective manner. We deliver web enabled custom software solutions to manage the SMS marketing and engagement campaigns in a flexible manner and the company can find the verifiable results in a definite time span. Our SMS marketing platforms are designed as modern and authentic and your message is delivered in quick timelines. We have service protocol arrangements with all the service carriers in India and world and thus guarantee fast and genuine results.

What we offer

SMS is still one of the most sought tools for penetrative marketing because 98% of all messages are read within 5 minutes! And with everyone carrying his mobile phone always, the outreach is optimized. We at Digitalzee Technologies ensure that you get a fault proof platform to propel your SMS marketing campaign without any glitch! Our SMS marketing services are offered as very customized so that your orientations and marketing initiatives find the true resonance with your targeted audience groups. Our SMS marketing services are assured of the following attributes:

  • Smart automation
  • Easy management of contact list
  • Real time reporting tools that let you track every message sent
  • Advanced in built analytics functions that allow you to infer in a smart way

We also offer frontend SMS marketing services related to events, campaigns, polls & elections, missed call alert and such other premium demands that require sophisticated automation and feedback functions.

Bulk messaging services at Digitalzee Technologies

Our bulk messaging service is offered as a core solution under the segment of SMS marketing. The client is assured of scalable, personalized, automated, well tracked and swift messaging services! Our bulk SMS services are very economical and allow you to build effective campaigns with least of monetary burden.

With such holistic service spectrum in SMS marketing, we have been effectively serving clients that are spread in diverse verticals of economy. Benefit through our expertise in SMS marketing now!

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